Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mormons and homosexuality

I read this beautiful blog post about a practicing Mormon coming out as gay, and I was struck by several things. 

Note how his family and his future wife (long before she ever considered the possibility) loved him and accepted him. This is what we believe. We get accused of being haters, but I see zero evidence of hate in that post. What I *do* see are people who loved Josh, supported him, and basically lived their religion. 

The fact that he decided to get married and live as a practicing Mormon is almost completely besides the point, because none of those decisions had been made when he first came out. All of those people loved him anyways.

While I cannot say the majority of Mormons do act this way, I will say that 100% of them should act this way. Anyone who has these types of issues don't need excoriations from anyone else -- it's hard enough as it is. Our job is to love them and help them in the ways that we can.

Note how many people came out and supported him in the comments sections of this post! Then note how many of them are Mormon.

Anyone who claims that all Mormons are bigots do not know the truth. Some Mormons are bigots, just like some LGBT people are bigots. Bigots are found in every walk of life, but any Mormon bigots are not living their religion, period. Josh's story illustrates how we really feel about those that live in the LGBT space.

Note: I am explicitly not looking to discuss Prop 8 here. It is a separate issue. While I welcome comments, anyone who brings up Prop 8 will have their comments deleted.

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