Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Healthcare explained in human terms

My brother has been working in the healthcare industry for several years. He's one of probably three people worldwide that has actually read Obamacare from beginning to end. He distilled this experience into a short ebook entitled Health Care Reform For Humans. It's apolitical and explains in very clear terms what health care is really about and what it means for us. Here's his blurb about it:

Health care is too expensive, and health insurance sucks. The new health care reform law is confusing. So let's cut through the politics and the Washington egghead mumbo jumbo and talk about it like regular humans. Since we're all in this together, and we're the only ones who can do anything about it.

Highly recommended! And not just because he's my brother! It helped me out a great deal, and hopefully it will help you, too. Well worth the price.

UPDATE: A friend in the UK informed me it's not available for him to DL. I have no clue if this is USA only, or for the North American continent. Any Canadians able/willing to let me know for sure?

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  1. Apparently, we can't get that book in the UK. I suppose, given that we have free nationalised health-care, that's not a huge issue though...

  2. Yeah, it's more of a USA thing. It would still be an interesting and educational read for you, but no biggie since you're over the pond. :)