Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sarah is coming! (Beware: puns ahead!)

So it's official - we are having a girl (due Dec 29), and her first name will be Sarah. 

Of course, being who I am, There Must Be Jokes.

I am totally open for suggestions, but here's what we've got so far for middle names (most of these require you to say her first and middle name together for the pun to work):
  1. Bella (one of my favs and quite (meta)clever IMHO)
  2. Sota (A true Texan - no, wait - that's in Florida...)
  3. Tonin (She'd be one happy girl! Ha!)
  4. Lee (We already have a Jackson Daniel. Since Morris is a family name, we could name the next kid Phil and we'd have a trifecta of vices!)
  5. Ann Wrap
  6. n'Getty
  7. n'Dipity
  8. Make Sarah her middle name, double it up, and make Kay her first name: Kay Sarah Sarah
  9. Or I could suggest to Jenny, "Honey, why don't we try Sarah Tops?" (Bahahahaha! I'm still laughing about this one.)
OK, anyone reading this. Any more good ones? 

Edit: Part 2 and part 3

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  1. "what we've got so far"

    "...for middle names."


  2. Fixed! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  3. You HAVE to name her Sarah n'Dipity ! OMG! If you don't, I'm stealing it for 10 years from now when I have a daughter.


    1. Yeah, that's a good one! Though I'm still personally in love with Sarah Tops. ;)

  4. Oh. I have one.
    Sarah Dura (Like the dessert serradura) :D